Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fall Swap!

Look at the goodies I received! Recently I participated in my 1st swap with handmade bath & body products, & candles on a Soap forum I like to visit. This is how it worked: One person was assigned to receive all the "swap items", along with a check for 8.95 (mailing). Once all the items were received, then this person put of each items in a box for a the "swappers" to receive. Well, it was like Christmas! I don't make candles soooooo I was very excited to see these handmade votives. Everything smelled so good, I almost hate to use anything! And although I love to make handmade soaps, lotions, was a treat to have someone else make them. Also included were some crafty incense-that I had not seen for years!
Also~ If anyone is interested in visiting a soap forum~ a new one is just launching called Pixie Lee's Forum at:, this forum is more than just "soap chat" it's about everyday converstions, cardmaking, etc... the creator Michelle is working hard to "tweak" this wonderful project to open the door wider for all us who love to create handmade items!


ginger at enchanting cottage said...

What wonderful items to recieve in the mail! Maybe I will check out that forum, I would love to learn some things. Gigi its kinda sad because I don't even know what my favorite color is. I don't use very much color in my home at all and I tend to dress in white and tan and black. But I think its between a soft soft green and pink and I do love white. Thank-you for stopping by

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Hi Ginger~ No wonder your cottage is very enchanting! You just named the magic cottage colors: Soft green, pink & white! Thank you as always for visiting.

Michelle said...

Thanks so much carrie for the posting about the forum :)

Looks like you got some amazing stuff. Swaps are so much fun. Even more fun to try everything!! :)

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Michelle~ Your welcome! Your soap forum is really a lot of fun, so I hope lots of people join in!

And oh- the Fall Swap picture here~ pure yummmmmmm.....