Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's Easy to Be Merry When...

Just like the card says... Be Merry! And it is when you participate in a soap swap, and you receive soaps that look good enough to be placed next to any divine Christmas cookie! Lucky me! What delicious, creative soaps I received during a recent swap. I received three packages that included creations like Green Tea Soap, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, Key Lime, Carrot, Coconut...soaps made with hibiscus water, palm oil, coconut oil....& more. These are pure candy shop masterpieces for your skin.

So who made these wonderful handmade soap goodies?

And Stephanie from:

Thank you ladies! I love each & everyone of them!


Michelle said...

Where is that "I LOVE SOAP" emoticon when I need it =)

Jackie said...

Oh my, some of those look good enough to eat. Enjoy.

playing with soap said...

Carrie~Gigi: I can't get over how beautiful your pics are. Did you ever take a photography class?

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Hey Steph- You are too funny!

Thank you for the comment. I will tell my kids you asked if I ever took a photography class. Actually all my kids took photography classes in College as an elective...and it was one of the most expensive classes they took!

And by the way, it's really easy to take pictures when the "subjects" are so beautiful.