Thursday, February 7, 2008

Give Away!!!

Bennington Maple Sugar Round Handmade Soap

A Valentine's Day gift to the winner... Now I know it's not hearts, roses or a box of candy--I'll leave that gift giving to your sweetie...Just leave any comment on this blog between now & Valentine's Day, & you will be entered to win this round handmade soap bar of Bennington Maple Sugar. This creamy soap is made with olive oil, shea butter, real Vermont Maple Sugar...
& drizzled with Maple Cream Sugar Whipped soap glaze.
The soap is tucked inside a Bennington Pottery soap dish---that I can't part with, but the creamy soap could be yours. Good luck!


egassner said... seams as if everyone if doing a give-away this month! It's a great way to get people to keep coming back (like I needed a reason!)

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

egassner~ Give aways are a wonderful way to connect with a lot of different people. I am so grateful for the support of so many people, it's my way of saying "thank-you." This will be my third give-away--& they are always fun!

sherrieg said...

Mmmm, mmm, mmmm! Being a Canadian gal, I'm all about anything maple - especially the maple leaf! Looks fantastic!

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

It looks so yummy! I am looking forward to my first give away, I just wish I was a bit more craftie. I would of liked to make something for my give away. So until the 14th it is a surprise!! OH my Gigi 4 or 5 mail boxes I guess kids will be kids. We live next to 2 schools that's why we decided to get one that locks, because you just never know. As far as our neighbors are concern they were our best of friends for years, may be not so much anymore because, well I am not sure why. They just bought a second home in Palm Springs. ( They had no children) so they will be moving in a couple of years when the market goes back up so they could get a bit more for there home. I will miss them. Its funny because we go see them at there house in Palm Springs more than we see them here. But it is a nice get a way for us. It is only about 1 hour and 15 min. to Palm Springs from where I live. Well I guess I went on and on sorry!!!

Charlotte said...

This soap looks good enough to eat. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comments you made about my kitchen. We had the cabinets painted white a few years ago. They were originally white wash which was actually more like pink wash. We also replaced the white ceramic tile with travertine stone. Now I love it.
Come back and visit any time. I love to have visitors.

Twin Birch said...

Lots of Vermont Love for the Maple soap! That is beautiful! I love the drizzle, too! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! Very exciting! :) Have fun! Heather

Jackie said...

I love maple sugar candy, and your soap looks so much like a big piece of it. You are just so talented, my soap looked as if someone gave up trying. I promise I didn't. I just think we need to come to an understanding (I mean the soap and I).

Charlotte said...

I just saw your latest comment on my Violet Eyes post. Thanks for the compliments.
I've had lots of hobbies but soap making is not one of them. I'll bet it is a lot of fun. I really like specialty soaps.
Have a great day!

Signature Vintage said...

Oh, goodness....I've never seen soap look so lovely! I've just discovered Under The Willows and will definitely be visiting more often! Just beautiful! Thank you for a wonderful visit!