Saturday, June 21, 2008

Real "Suds to Love"...

Tower of Handmade Soaps from "Suds to Love"
Made with skin loving ingredients like: Cocoa butter,
shea butter,palm kernel oil, & castor oil...oh-la-la!

When Trisha from Suds to Love emailed me to ask if I'd try some of her soaps, I course I was excited to say, "Yes." I had been following her informative trials of soaps making & as a bonus watching her family grow from two adorable pups (Roscoe & Howie) to her newest pup precious little Ellie Mae. What I didn't expect was the GRAND package that arrived in my mail box. Before I even opened the mailbox door~ I knew the package arrived!

Pure fresh soap heaven all wrapped up, & what I thought would be 1 or 2 bars of soaps turned out to be 8 bars! Now I haven't "soaped" yet with the bars, but if they are anything like they look...

Wonderful handmade soaps...all mine!

Trisha-ya nailed several things...the packaging was simple, but ohhhh so adorable with mixed papers matching the scent in hand, the swirls, the fragrances & their names.

Names like: Honeysuckle, Black Pepper Lime, Sweet Mango Sorbet, Niagara Falls, Champagne Energy, White Truffle Raspberry, Washai Green Tea, & Iced Carrot Cake.

It was more than a delight to open this package, especially since a lot of these scents were new to me. A fav? It would be really really hard to say, but here's a glimpse of some of them: Honeysuckle~ right off the bat reminded me of my grandmother's honeysuckle bushes in Leominister, Mass., Niagara Falls~ darn can't nail that fresh scent, but I may use this one first, & Iced Carrot Cake- Trisha-don't change a thing on this one, it's perfect, White Truffle Raspberry- looks like thick fudge, smells like sweet candy! And I will admit I have never seen black soap, which was the Black Pepper Lime one~ and no I didn't sneeze & I can smell the hint of lime.

Well Trisha~ What an amazing package! I really was floored, and sooooo gracious of your generosity. Many many thanks!!!! And a big HUG to you!!!
Suds to Love shop opening???


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift from Trisha! They all sound good, but Sweet Mango Sorbet and White Truffle Raspberry are making my mouth water. :) Happy bathing and washing!

egassner said...

Hehehe! I got a package from her today too! My FAVORITE is Champagne Energy. I haven't been able to put it away to try the other yet...but soon because it is almost gone :(
I think she should open shop too!

Joanna said...

You lucky girls!! Isn't it amazing to get treats in the mail? ENjoy them!!

Jackie said...

What wonderful treats. Enjoy them.

God bless.

Anne-Marie said...

Trisha is indeed talented and extremely generous! Enjoy your soap testing!

Heather@Twin Birch said...

Waaa Hoooo! Me, too! I got a big fat envelope full! How sweet can a girl be? :)