Monday, October 20, 2008


You know that Under the Willow makes handmade soaps and bath & body products, BUT did you know that we trademarked the Billow as a small pillow of comfort? They are custom 12 by 17 inches of cuddly comfort, all come lined with coordinating fabric~ washable~ and loved by people of all ages. Popular Billows have been the Breast Cancer Awareness Billow~ and our original Billow called, "My 1st Billow." BUT there are many Billows for everyone...after all our motto is:

"When you need to hold a pillow tight~ the size of this Billow may be just right."

All the Billows come with an exclusive Whispering Willow Storybook Cards. Themes included:

  • My 1st Billow~ reminisce of a child giving up a blanket or favorite toy

  • Spirit, Hope, Belief & Courage~ breast cancer awareness~ printed on seed paper
  • Simply Thinking of You~ Why wait? Let someone know you are thinking of them now

All cards are copyrighted by Under the Willow

To see more Billows please visit: Under the Willow Gift Shoppe

Animal Lover's Billow~ Dog Lover's


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful doggie billow fabric!

Michelle said...

I love my billow, best thing I've ever gotten.

kari and kijsa said...

how neat are those!! Love them!!

kari & kijsa