Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The special moment!
This Saturday we had a blessed event at our home. The plan was to gather family, and dearest friends...and it went off beautifully~ not a dry eye in our home.
Our youngest son Kirk, asked Lindsay to marry him~ and the answer was YES! Words can not describe how happy we are for Lindsay & Kirk. And we are SOOOOOO happy to welcome Lindsay to our family.
Wedding plans? Ummm.........of course that was the BIG question, but I hear perhaps in the spring or even next fall. For us it doesn't matter, we are just happy that our family (again) is blessed to add such a special member to our family.
For those who remember our oldest son, Joey married beautiful Jodi (here) just this last May. The honeymooners are still happily in a bliss.

Life is good.

My mom & dad with Kirk & Lindsay

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ginger at enchanting cottage said...

OH~~~~ What great news!What a blessing it must be. Please keep us all updated! I am on my way to see the gift that you got.

Heidi said...

How exciting for everyone...and for you to be a part of the special moment! I love hearing about your wonderful family and hope ours grows up to be so close =)

sherrieg said...

Congratulations to them! :) How lovely!

Anonymous said...

Awww, how wonderful!! Congratulations to the happy couple and the entire family! I can't wait to hear more about the plans, and see tons of photos like we did for Joey and Jodi. :)

justabeachkat said...

Hi Carrie

Thanks for visiting me tonight. I'm not sure how you found me, but I'm so glad you did. I hope you'll come're always welcome. It's so much fun to get to know other bloggers.

I've had fun visiting you too. Congratulations to Kirk and Lindsay.


Heather@Twin Birch said...

That's so wonderful, C~G!! They are an adorable couple!

Based on your posts from this summer's gorgeous wedding,
they might want to pull you in on the planning! I would get married at your house with you in charge of everything, in a heartbeat!

Congratulations to you and the whole beautiful family!!

Superbadfriend said...


Jackie said...

Oh Gigi, what wonderful news. Another wedding, you are so lucky.

God bless.