Friday, December 19, 2008

Three Little Reindeer...

Well sort of... it was my plan to photo our three (yes-three-meet Charlie tonite!)- adorned with tiny reindeer antlers...What a nite! I really don't know why I thought 1. They would want to wear these little "antlers", 2. They would cooperate and sit still---ALL TOGETHER, and 3. I now give animal photographers all the kudos in the world!!!!


First meet Charlie- a darling little rescue that came to us last week. Sad story-- a family left him to fend for himself when they were forced out of their home from a foreclosure...neighbors fed him, but he soon got sick and someone called the animal control to pick him up.

Luckily he was placed in an amazing hospital- nursed back to health- AND a LOUD call from an angel named Eileen from the Kingsbrook Animal Hospital went out to "SAVE" this special little dog... I took one look at his picture-and fell in love...we had to act fast before he went back to the animal control because he was looking at certain death....tomorrow we sign the "official" papers- because he is now in his FOREVER home. We love Charlie and so do our granddaughters, & our other rescues Bella~ Cinderella & Sweet Sam. Bella sniffed Charlie's antlers...ummm are these real?

Bella rather liked them....lots of treats involved...

Sam & Charlie (I think Charlie is laughing!)

Anyway it was fun trying to get a group picture-

Maybe next year...I should be wrapping- I haven't wrapped ONE present yet....better get going.... I hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and wonderful holiday!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Charlie is soooo handsome and the luckiest doggie in the whole wide world to be adopted by you! (If you ever want to adopt a human, I'm first in line, OK? ;) )

Those are some hilarious photos of you trying to get them to be reindeer! And yes, indeed, Charlie is laughing - so am I. LOL!

Likewise to you: have a very safe, healthy, and Merry Christmas!

Suds to Love said...

Ohh... what a wonderful Christmas present, a new little one to love! Charlie is absolutely adorable. I thought it was hard to take pictures of two, but throw in the the third one (and mine is so active right now!) and it's nearly impossible, except when they are sleeping!

Have an absolutely wonderful holiday!
Hugs - Trisha

The Blonde Duck said...

The antlers are so cute!

Jackie said...

By next year your three little reindeer will be used to the antlers and sit just perfectly for pictures.

Gigi you are an inspirtation to me. Now where did I put that Santa hat...think it would look stunning on the cat. After all my husband had nothing to do today and decorated her tent!

God bless.

Heidi said...

Oh how sweet Carrie! We were thinking about taking a Malamute from some friends who are moving, but I just don't think I can handle it at the moment. = (

I haven't wrapped a single present either. I'd better get moving! We're getting completely snowed in at the moment so maybe I can some wrapping.

Heather@Twin Birch said...

I am cracking up at those cutie pups in their Christmas best!!

Max is staring at Bella as I write. He thinks she is stunning! *He's right!*

Merry, Merry Christmas C~G!! From under 30 inches of new fallen Vermont snow, Max & I are sending lots and lots of holiday love! xoxo Heather

Amber said...

How sweet! What a wonderful thing it is to give a sweet doggie a second chance for happiness :)

They all look great in their holiday antlers. So cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when I read this post b/c a couple of years ago I put a Christmas hat and sweater on Petey and he was not a happy cat! He would not sit still for the camera at all. So I gave up and settled for a handful of blurred shots most with my hand under his chin trying to keep his head still. ;)
I hope you are having a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Carrie, just wanted to stop on by to wish you and your beautiful family a very happy New Year!! May 2009 be a blessed one for you (just like 2008 was!).

Love and good wishes and hugs from me and the Tadpoles! xoxo

The Blonde Duck said...

Happy New Year!