Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two Awards!

Now that I have my laptop back it's time to catch up on some very nice things that have happened from special ladies I have met through the blogging world... Jackie sent my way the Bloggy Goodness Award ~ while Ginger sent my way the Heart Award for friends... If you need a moment to warm your heart~ you must visit both Ginger and Jackie. And boy am I jealous~ even though this two do not live close they will be able to visit one day soon!
There are so many wonderful dear friends that I have met and would like to share both awards with a good handful of them including: Teresa & her creative tadpoles-Life Homesteading and Everything, Susie Q-The Charming Garden in My Head, Michelle,- Soap Pixie Heather-, One Bubble at a Time, Trisha, - Suds to Love, Elizabeth, - Gassner Custom Soaps, Heidi,- Soap Acholics Anonymous (and she's having an awesome give-away), and dear Joanna owner of Product Body---and who just opened a store in Florida----check it out at located in Jupiter, Florida (that's in northern Palm Beach County) at 633 North Alternate A1A (north of Indiantown Road and south of Center Street). If you're in the area, please stop in, see the formulary, meet Joanna, and get the freshest handmade body products possible! And tell her I sent you!

Now I know I could have listed more bloggy buddies--but you're next! Also, to the gals listed above- pick one or both- and pass along when you get a chance in this hectic world....

And I must say to everyone-take the time to visit one or all of the above---it will be like taking a trip around the world- and who knows- you may just meet someone with the same interests as yourself, someone to warm your heart, and learn alot about life itself....enjoy!

And BIG HUGS to Jackie and Ginger

for passing along these wonderful Awards my way!!!


Michelle said...

Thank you for thinking of me ((hugs))! Same back to you :)

I'm glad you have your laptop back!

egassner said...

Aww...Thanks Carrie! You would be on of the ladies I would pass this along too...and I think you already listed all the others! Lol.

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

OH Gigi, Your home looks so beautiful, with all the snow around it. I'm sure it's warm and cozy inside.
What a great idea for a quilt. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, you are such a wonderful, wonderful person and I think that is why the universe smiles on you and showers you with blessings!! I am truly honored to have met you (even if it's only online) and to number you among my cyber-friends that I hope to some day meet in person. Thank you for the awards! Hugs and love back to you!!

(gosh, I'm all misty-eyed now)

Suds to Love said...

Hugs to you Carrie, I'm very happy to count you as a friend. Thanks for the tag.

Jackie said...

I am so excited to get to meet Ginger. Hey you couldn't happen to get to Vegas at the same time? You are another of the people that I would love to meet. Perhaps some day.

Glad you like the award.

God bless you my friend.

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Good Morning Gigi, I stayed home from Church today I ended up with Shingles ( not fun ) Thank-you for your kind comment about my header. I found a new web page and I have been having so much fun. I learned how to make headers and my own background. It's nice to know that my brain can still learn LOL! I'm so sad you can't join us next month but maybe someday the time will come.