Saturday, August 1, 2009

Waterfront wedding soon...

Our youngest son Kirk & his fiance Lindsay

Last year I blogged a wedding countdown for my oldest son~ who married an Eastern shore gal on our "land" property. I blogged the final four weeks getting ready, etc... If you go to my blog labels on the left side and click on wedding soon or wedding~ you will see what it took us to host 240 people on our property... For a peek at last year's May wedding go here: http://underthewillowgifts.blogspot....esfinally.html/

THIS YEAR we are hosting my youngest son's wedding on our Eastern Shore waterfront property in 5 weeks. Next week I will start a blog countdown of the last four weeks of getting "wedding ready." Here's a pic of our youngest son Kirk and his fiance Lindsay "walking" the area were the ceremony will take place (since this pic was taken the dock has been extended, etc..)

They have done alot of work to get "wedding ready" and I look forward to sharing this blessed event with everyone.... AND BOY HAS EVERYONE BEEN BUSY!


Anonymous said...

Oh, it is going to be simply spectacular if last year's wedding is any indication! =) Your kids are soooo lucky in soooo many ways! Can't wait to read your blog countdown and share your excitement.

Big hugs!!

Michelle said...

This wedding will be just as beautiful as the last for sure. Such a great location!! I can't wait to see pictures :)

enchanting cottage said...

OH~~~ I'm so excited to be able to watch your 4 week count down. This is going to be yet another beautiful wedding, and what a great way to start making memories on your water front property.

Jackie said...

I will be visiting often to see the countdown. You have such a talent for making weddings a fairy tale come true.

God bless.