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Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap Reviews...

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I would like to thank everyone who has taking the time to let me know "what they think" about our newest branch~ Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap ~ I appreciate the time each of you took out of your day to contact/review us. Each & everyone has helped our branches grow.... Again many thanks!

Just some of the wonderful Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap Reviews:

I was so excited to receive some laundry soap in the mail that I ordered from Carrie at Under The Willow It is such a beautiful fragrance I love it. You don't even need a fabric soften with her laundry soap that's how wonderful it is, it even made the laundry room smell wonderful. I also bought some home made hand soap, that's just as beautiful as it is wonderful. I just love having hand made soaps in a pretty little bowl in our restroom. G., AZ

My box arrived this afternoon. Thank you for shipping everything so fast!…. Laundry just became a little more exciting (I LOVE THIS, Carrie)! H., MD
Now you did it, lol. I love the new scent- Home for the Holidays. I just used it, and it's heavenly. H., MD
I tried the sample of Cambridge Rum & have now ordered the “largest” size that can be sent to me. I love the way the towels are soft…everything! M, GA

I just went outside to check the mail and noticed that I can smell the laundry soap outside and it smells soooo good! My bushes out front now smell good, ha! H., MD

Carrie has managed to find a way to get the scent to stick around through the dryer cycle, so it comes out smelling just like the soap. T, OR
Awesome! J., GA
I used the Cambridge Rum soap for my work clothes (construction foreman) and it cleaned my clothes really good and I could even smell the fragrance a week later... as told by my son Kirk....Now I'm thinking to myself- Kirk sweetie does that mean you waited a week to wear your washed clothes or are you wearing the same work clothes for a week (smile)...

I used this one within an hour of opening the package and I am so, so excited about this product! My clothing came out of the washer smelling fresh and lovely, but not too heavily scented. The best part was that everything looked and felt so light and CLEAN! I mean, no big surprise when you stop to think that these clothes had just been washed in actual soap for the first time in their lives; as opposed to the usual "detergent" (most definitely nothing like soap). Having been freed of all that unnecessary gunk, they felt lighter and softer and smelled so clean!!! I don't use fabric softener or dryer sheets for our clothes (dryer balls ♥ ♥ ♥), so when I pulled them out of the dryer, they smelled just like Carrie's laundry soap. Yum! A., PA

Just tried this WONDERFUL laundry soap (Lavender Grace). Smells and cleans terrifically, and its all natural. Even works for HE washers! You've gotta get some!!!!!! C., MD


Product review here from Family Forever blog:
I have found my new favorite products! Laundry soap that is amazing and free of chemicals AND hand soap that is to die for! I have to give credit where credit is due. TeresaR from Life, Homesteading and Everything is the one who turned me on to these products. She posted about them a few days ago and said how much she really liked them so I checked out the sellers blog and thought I would like to try them myself! So I contacted her and asked about her laundry soap. She was very pleasant and I enjoyed emailing with her. I decided on my items, paid, and she shipped them the very next day!I ordered the Lavender Grace Laundry Soap in a collectible jar and also in a medium size to refill my jar with. I was so excited to receive my package. When I opened it she also gave me a sample of her other laundry soap in Cambridge Rum scent and a little sample of her honey oats & goat milk hand soap bar, as well as some other surprises but I'm going to keep them to myself… to see whole review go to Family Forever blog!

… what I want to rave the most about is her laundry detergent! is a wonderful laundry detergent! Now, some of you may remember I made my own laundry detergent not too long ago. It works quite well, but the fragrance just doesn't seem to carry over. Carrie's detergent not only cleans beautifully, but the Lavender Grace scent actually lingers much better than mine. And, oh, what a scent it is! If you dry in a dryer, the fragrance does seem to dissipate, but if you line dry, the scent stays (a bit better on the synthetic fabrics than on the cottons). Carrie includes a cute little scoop and has instructions on the tag for both HE and top-loading machines. I highly recommend buying some of this laundry powder to try it for yourself! You will thank me for recommending it to you! =) see more of this review

Review from Life, Homestead & Everything: Carrie from Under the Willow Gifts sent me some samples of her natural laundry detergent recently and the only reason I dragged my feet on blogging about it is because I can't take good pictures. Seriously! I always manage to buy the wrong camera... either that or I just have absolutely no talent for taking pictures.I'll be honest, when I received Carrie's natural laundry soap it looked and smelled fantastic but I doubted its ability to maintain that great scent throughout the washing cycle. I've used natural laundry soaps for years and I've never had any luck getting the scent to stick when I put my clothing in the dryer. When my clothes are hung on the line, they smell wonderful but the dryer sucks every little bit of fragrance right out of the clothes before they finish drying. When Carrie's package arrived I was eager to use it right away. Sadly, all I had to wash were towels and I always dry towels in the dryer since I haven't found the cure for line drying towels and having them NOT dry crunchy and scratchy (any tips???) I felt like I was wasting this great product on my towels cause I really wanted the scent to linger after I washed but... I REALLY WANTED to try the laundry soap. Ah well, life is about sacrifices right?!?I chose the cambridge rum scent. They all smelled beautiful but cambridge rum is my favorite. My 9 year old was equally as excited as I was, she loves when packages arrive, so she took the first picture of the laundry soap in hand.Shock #1, when I pulled the towels from the washer they had a beautiful light scent of cambridge rum. I held on to one of the towels for a minute or two because I knew once I tossed them into the dryer that the scent would be gone :( I even hemmed and hawed about possibly just putting them on the line so they'd still smell pretty when they dried but I couldn't stand the idea of drying myself with a hard towel later.Shock #2, I'd gone out back for something and I could smell the light fragrance of cambridge rum coming from the dryer vent. Wow! I was impressed. It was about 20 minutes into drying time and I could still smell it. Shock #3, after 40 minutes of drying on low heat I pulled my towels from the dryer. To my surprise they smelled beautiful. The cambridge rum scent hung in there for the long haul. I love that the scent isn't perfumy or overbearing, it was just perfect. I think I talked about it all day long to whomever would listen about how great this natural laundry soap is. Shock #4, The ultimate shock was how soft the towels felt. Now, I said that my towels are softer when dried in the dryer as oppose to the line but they aren't VERY soft. I don't use fabric softeners so I don't get that fluffy soft that one would get with something like downy. I've tried natural fabric softeners but they don't seem to do much except add a fragrance. My towels felt soft, much softer than they ever were before, which makes for a very happy household because we all love soft things over here. Of course, I used up all 3 packages of laundry soap samples that day. I decided I needed to wash bed sheets and a few other things. Never have I been so eager to wash. Now at least I know where to buy a laundry soap I can be happy with. Thank you Carrie for sending me the samples and the beautiful wash cloth. I have the bar of soap sitting on my kitchen sink, we all love washing our hands with it. It has a wonderful fragrance and feels really nice.
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