Friday, February 26, 2010

Gold Canyon Candles

I was very excited when my friend Ginger from Enchanting Cottage blog started selling Gold Canyon Candles! My husband and myself are BIG fans of candles. The first candle I purchased was Apple Spice in the large 26 oz. size. Pure yum! This candle is double wicked, which will allow for a more even burn.

Also- the candle came with a special "peel off" label that revealed a 15% discount on my next purchase! AND- (and this is BIG)--- Gold Canyon is running a special contest--they have placed some gold coins in the bottom of certain candles and the winning gold coin is worth 5,000 dollars...

With the spring holidays around the corner---and you are looking for a special gift, from an amazing company, please visit Ginger's Gold Canyon site here. And there is lots to look at on the site other than candles...all beautiful gifts-all for yourself or someone else.

Ginger also has an amazing and beautiful blog...a must "visit" here.


Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

You are so sweet my friend. I hope you enjoy your candle. I have the fresh linen one burning in our bedroom and I can smell in all the way down the hall to our computer room. I truly hope you love your candle.

Anonymous said...

I received my lovely bag of lavender laundry soap and I will never use detergent from a grocery store again. Consider me a regular customer!

I will stop by Ginger's site. Thank you for recommending it.

Also, just wanted to invite you to stop by my blog. I am hosting my first exchange.

- Deborah