Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gold Canyon HOMEOLOGY cleaner!

When our kitchen sink was leaking, and I had to clean out the "under the sink" cleaners- I realized I had too many cleaners for too many cleaning jobs, and so the search began for a "one" product, that was earth friendly to do all the "jobs."

What I found was HOMEOLOGY a plant based home cleaner- an all in one product- goodbye bottles of cleaners for many jobs!

HOMEOLOGY is part of the Gold Canyon collections- and this product is not only earth friendly, plant based, smells wonderful (essential oils), AND works great!

I'm a happy customer- thank you Ginger!

Ginger is host of Enchanting Cottage blog here- and also sells Gold Canyon Products such as candles, home cleaning, and bath & body products... Just divine!

To go to Ginger's link with Gold Canyon- please visit here.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for the link to more great products!