Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cottage & Bungalow Gift Swap

Gift exchange "gift" from Shabbychick
Artist: Julia Tian Mann (
Lovely cottage illustration of a cottage in Cambridge, UK

For years I have been a member of the Cottage & Bungalow chat board. This is a place where friends meet to "chat" about everything cottage, and a whole lot more!

At the beginning of the year member "Shabbychick" suggested we do a gift swap. Anyone could participate, a limit was set, and names to exchange were pulled out of a hat. There was also a suggestion to support small business, and perhaps order from one of the online shops....Nice.

Lovely touch, the artist wrote along the side of the illustration
what the "inspiration" was about the picture.

The gift I received was very thoughtful, and just about covers everything I LOVE i.e. cottage, flowers, beautiful colors, a "note" about the "why" about the illustration (clever, huh?).

I'm thinking even though it's a very "framable" piece" I may just display it on an easel. Lovely.

Thank you Shabbychick!

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TeresaR said...

What a lovely, lovely exchange gift that is! Always fun to get something that great in the mail. :)