Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Giving Gifts...

What would July 4th mean without thinking of those SERVING OUR COUNTRY? A friend of mine is giving a box of these soaps to soldiers, who will be coming home from Iraq, hopefully in November. We just added a little white washing cloth to the package making the gift complete.

I am thankful for the soldiers making our country a safer place; after all, babies are being born, and we want everyone to live in peace...Below is a Button Tote Bag, and a Billow (Yes, it's called a Billow :) )I sewed ready to be given to a friend's daughter ready to give birth any day!

I bet you couldn't guess the babies room will have a "Monkey" theme!

My next project is a request from my parents. A dear friend of the family has been diagnosed with liver cancer. I will make a Billow, that will include a coordinationg storybook card, in hopes to help comfort this friend while going through radiation & chemo sessions. This friend is an avid golf player, so the material below was chosen...I will add a colored ribbon symbolizing liver cancer. I believe this color ribbon is yellow, but if you know differently~ please let me know...

Have a safe & happy July 4th!


Anonymous said...


I received my strawberry soap today. Smells delish...good enough to eat. But I won't ;)

Thanks so much!


Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Thanks Susie for letting me know it arrived. Enjoy!