Monday, July 2, 2007

Unusual Bird Nest Find...

I did find out what species of bird is nesting in my yard...okay-it took my 5 yo granddaughter about 2 seconds to tell me it was a ROBIN. And she was right! She also found another nest on our property that was not occupied~ and it actually was made out of something very unusual~ our Bella's golden hair. There weaved ever so delicately was wisps of our blonde lab's hair. What nature can do with something we try to vacuum away each day!


Rose Mary said...

Hi Gigi! I've loved looking at all the bird pics on your blog! I love watching the birds because it is something I can do all year--hot or cold. Thanks so much for visiting over on my blog.

Your Willow tree is gorgeous!

Deb said...

We've found several fallen nests lately, and some have had bits of our horses' hair in them. I'm always amazed by the delicate construction the birds are capable of!