Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wedding three week!

Lindsay & Kirk this weekend

The wedding between my youngest son Kirk & Lindsay will be in three weeks~~ and at this point we ALL needed just family time~ fun and laughs~ just being together.

With the wedding plans in full gear, Lindsay getting ready to begin her Ph D program at George Washington University, and a whole lot of other things going on...

It was a blessing to have all the kids come for the weekend...
So with this in mind ALL the kiddos came either into town, or took the short drive over~

AND everyone slept over~~~ and we had some fun! Here's how the weekend went~
and we certainly had alot of laughs!!!
First: This is my daughter Tami. Tami is Lindsay's matron of honor. My daughter Tami is very talented and can touch her nose with her tongue.
But wait...

We learned Ms. Lindsay can touch her nose with her tongue too!
Such talented ladies.

Next Lindsay sported a perfectly formed handstand at the edge of the pool.... BUT Kirk thought he would try to "out shine" his finance with his version.

It was sad--very sad...Kirk actually asked us if his legs were straight and together? Is he kidding?

It was just over a year ago that our oldest son Joey & Jodi were married...

Just a picture of Lindsay and my daughter Tami

when they are not entertaining the family with their talents..

And one final picture of our son-in-law (Tami's husband Mike) with his version of

a flip into the pool...

Go Mike!

Welcome to the family Ms. Lindsay! We love you!


Anonymous said...

LOL!! Oh my! You'll have two lovely ladies who can touch their noses with their tongues in the family. Somebody should call Guinness Book of World Records! ;D

What a wonderful, wonderful family you have! Everyone is so happy and so very cute and talented in his/her own way!

Michelle said...

I love all the funny pictures! You certainly have a lovely family. I'm sure your looking forward to this upcoming wedding. It is so nice that your family all came and spent the night :)

Tammy of Yarborough House said...

Looks like such fun. And they are enjoying themselves with a break from the wedding stress.
Have fun Carrie - you have lovely children.


Jackie said...

Carrie, it looks like your family get together was a big hit.

My those girls are talented. I tried to touch my nose with my tongue and could not for the life of me do it.

God bless.

Sue said...


Looks like you all know how to have a great time ;) I hope the wedding plans are going well!