Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun Weekend!

My dad, my brother (also called Mountain Man), & my mom...

This past weekend we came over the bridge to visit family~
there was lots to do~ & lots to see...first my brother's new cabin..

Front side of my brother's cabin in the woods...

My brother is almost done building his dream cabin in the woods on 21 acres along side a beautiful mountain in Maryland. It is beyond beautiful as every step, every process, every log was very well thought out...I'm very proud of my little brother!

A glimpse of one of the side decks~

I'd say lots of room for family & friends to party!Interior door details

Then there was a visit with my grandgirlies~ snuggling with one of their dogs. This one's name is Pistol- and for good reason. He may be peanut size, but he rules their 17 acres!

Then there was a visit with the "newlyweds". As new bride Lindsay was finishing her first class final exam for her PhD at GW~ Kirk was working on finishing the kitchen. He had gutted it, installed new windows, new kitchen door, drywall...and as soon as the drywall is completed---painting begins--then the newlyweds can put all their lovely wedding kitchen gifts in a "new" kitchen!!! We are very excited for them!
It really was a wonderful weekend. So many projects~ so many plans. We are blessed.


Ginger said...

Carrie what a wonderful weekend, wow you were busy! Your brothers cabin looks beautiful!! OH~~and how exciting for the newlyweds. I'm so happy your family is doing so well.Your parents look just as nice and sweet as you are.
God bless you my friend,

Anonymous said...

You have THE most talented family ever! The cabin is really gorgeous; I love those pointy windows (so much so that we have them in our own home...LOL!...but we didn't hand-build it ourselves).