Friday, October 9, 2009

Just a quick note!

One of my favorite pictures of Lindsay & Kirk before they were
married here on Fishing Creek...

Under the Willow is still here~ I've just changed the name of this blog to reflect our recent move to the Eastern Shore. So if you are wondering the "why" I haven't blogged lately it's because a whole lot of "everything" has happened in the recent weeks--- including a heart filled waterfront wedding (youngest son Kirk & Lindsay), a final move of everything on one side of the Bay Bridge to our property here, supporting a dear family member that had an unfortunate accident, visiting grandgirlies, & in general- just life itself.

And did I mention~ unpacking & setting up my new creative studio??? So- I've been busy, so if you're here to visit- please check back often... Life on Fishing Creek (so far) seems to be very inspiring & very beautiful...
I feel blessed each day.

My daughter in law Jodi gave me a little sign that reads:

Heaven is a little closer on the Eastern Shore

Since I know Heaven is not a bad place to be...I'm fortunate to be just a little closer (smile) here on Fishing Creek.

Thank you for visiting...And I love reading each & every comment!


Anonymous said...

Aww, Carrie, anywhere with you and your family must be like heaven!

I hope the family member who just had an accident is doing much better.

Can't wait to see more posts from you; I've missed them.

Big hugs!!

Rose Mary said...

Beautiful picture of those two! So glad that everything went well for the wedding. I'm lookin forward to hearing about your 'new' life!

Under the Willow gifts... said...

Thank you Teresa~ I'm happy that I will soon have the time to visit more. Yes- it's a blessing that the family member is doing well.

Hi Rosemary! So good to hear from you & and thank you for visiting too! I look forward to visitng your blog too!

Tammy of Yarborough House said...

Carrie, can't wait to see more pics of the new house. I am sure you are up to your eyeballs in packing materials and boxes. It shall pass I am sure.


enchanting cottage said...

Carrie, I'm sure where ever you are you have the glow that God is with you. I'm looking forward meeting you in heaven! You are so blessed to have your family member be doing so much better.

Under the Willow gifts... said...

That is very sweet Ginger~ meet you in heaven too!

missbmckay said...

love your blog! what a great wedding. they are adorable! you sound as though your plate is full of things to do. what a great attitude.

continue to be blessed.

Jackie said...

Carrie, I love the new name for your blog! Like Ginger says I am sure that wherever you make your home you make it a bit closer to heaven.

God bless.