Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Wedding to Share...

The bride- Mrs. Lindsay Garvin

Chairs waiting for guests to arrive...Kirk built the white arbor for his bride

It has been one week since Kirk & Lindsay's wedding &
the weather has not be as lovely as last Saturday- the day of the wedding.
It was an outdoor weather on the water so the weather was very important-
it's ended up being picture perfect.

( trying to make the pics larger!)

There are so many blessings in life- being in love is certainly one of them- and certainly just life itself. And if you can find someone to love for the rest of your life- what more could you ever want?

Matron of honor- Tami Carrico fixing Lindsay's beautiful gown. One of the

flowers girls is in white in the background...

Rehearsal dinner and wedding cocktail/appetizer area....

Live entertainment provided by Galen Omerson & Ben Hirsh...

Another small picture I just can't seem to make larger...

A highlite of the night was when Lindsay & Kirk surprised everyone with a rehearsed dance- it knocked everyone off their feet- I will try to get the video to share!

Christo- best man, Kirk, Lindsay- Tami-matron of honor

Lindsay's family- Dad, Mom, Lindsay, Kirk, brother Lee & finance Michelle

The wedding cake was a beautiful creation of Lindsay's mom!

I have lots more pictures to share- once I download them correctly. My son & his new bride beamed with happiness through out the entire night. It was wonderful to share each and every moment with them.


enchanting cottage said...

OH~~~~~ Everyone is so beautiful and handsom. It looks perfect! Carrie I just love your bird house in the back ground I could help but notice it.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning - Lindsay, the setting, the whole wedding, everything!!! It's so cute the way dress was casual; I like that! And the cake - oh, that's making me hungry. :)

You have a beautiful family, Carrie! Hugs!!

Jackie said...

Beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing the day with us all.

God bless.

stretch mark cream said...

Oh beautiful outdoor wedding. Would love to have one someday. :D