Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap...

Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap
offered in Lavender Grace or Cambridge Rum
Another review here!

We have expanded our branches to offer Natural Laundry Soap & AND we are loving it, & we are receiving great reviews too! Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap offered here
& also a GIVEAWAY! Check it out!

Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap is ALL natural with NO chemicals, cleans clothes wonderfully, & AND OH- did I mention you will NOT need to use any fabric softener~Your clothes will not only dry with freshly delicate scent, but will dry soft~ very soft...

With Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap~ you use only 2 T per large top load or only 1 T per HE/front load. Soap containers range from a variety of exquisite glass Vintage jars to recyclable plastic to new glass jars... Because most of the Vintage jars are unique there will only be one of that particular think about which container you would be able to use again & again & again... AND all the containers are only a FRACTION of the size of one of the thick colored plastic~ dump hogging~ large detergent bottles, etc..
Some interesting facts about Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap
  • Only a few tablespoons will do a top large load
  • NO chemicals, NO detergents, NO or very very little suds
  • NO fabric softener needed~ your clothes will be very soft without
  • Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap is receiving great reviews!
  • Once you purchase a Whispering Willow Natural Soap container~ you may purchase refills at any time
  • Use in ALL temperatures
  • Clothes will dry with a fresh clean smell~ not an overpowering cover up commercial detergent fragrance
  • Beautiful Vintage jars offered not only to display, but make a wonderful gift, saves on storage, etc...
  • Many sizes of Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap offered
  • Once you order one scent you will ALWAYS receive a sample of the other scents offered

Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap offered at

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Michelle said...

I'm so glad you've added this to your line of products. I can't wait to try it out!

Under the Willow gifts... said...

Michelle~ It's in the mail~ you should receive it this week...


Anonymous said...

It is totally marvelous!!! I'm posting again today about it. =)