Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank you Ginger!

Early this week I was surprised when friend Ginger sent me this wonderful Gold Canyon Candle! Ginger is a demonstrator for Gold Canyon ~ and I am a HUGE fan of these candles, that are second to none! The candles burn perfectly, smell unbelievable, and there are so many other items to choose from ~ making shopping that much more fun!

A little card on top of the candle read: I fill myself with spirited energy & exuberance... I told her timing couldn't be better because we're having family in for several celebrations ~ my daughter had a birthday on St. Patrick's Day, and we will have an early Easter celebration too.... This candle will be perfect to burn for the celebrations! It smells so fruity, so spring like ~ just divine! I just love it!

Thank you Ginger!


Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

You are so sweet thank-you. I love this candle it reminds me of a spring day eating some yummy citrus fruit. I hope you enjoy your family and the candle.

Anonymous said...

What a dear friend Ginger is! Hope your family gatherings were/will be lovely! xo

The White Farmhouse said...

Happy belated Birthday to your daughter! I am going to have to check out these candles. I love candles, but very picky about how they smell.