Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Because life has been so busy...

Getting ready for the holidays! It's not too early is it?
Holiday Combo Lotion Set now offered at our Under the Willow Shop- Free Shipping! Apple Balsam, Gingerbread Cottage & Sugar Cookie!

Last post was June? Where has time gone? AND because there simply isn't enough hours of the day- I've decided to combine my post entries for both Life on Fishing Creek & Under the Willow business news into "one"- Right here!

What have we been doing? In short- lots of family & friends time, some grand dog additions to the family, renovations, and keeping busy with our Under the Willow shop.

The garland under the mantle is actually a metal garland- aged brown with clusters of old sleigh bells. We added tiny little cup hooks to keep the garland attached. I purchased the garland at Ben Franklins for about 12.00 per 9 foot strand.

Holiday Lotion Combo: If you're local to Cambridge, Maryland you can find our Holiday Lotions and more Under the Willow products at: A Few of My Favorites Things shop located at 414 Race Street.

Anyone else decorating for the holidays yet? What about nice finds to add to your holiday decor? Love to hear about it!


Anonymous said...

I came here from Frugal Farmhouse as your entry intrigued me - you're a busy girl! Where is there a picture of your kitchen, or are you keeping it under wraps?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, with our trip and my mom's death, I never got to decorate for Halloween. But, I look forward to decorating for Christmas. It was my MIL's favorite holiday and lots of ornaments are from her, which makes the holidays an extra special time to remember her (she passed away in '02).

I'll bet your Apple Balsam lotion smells divine...just like your Laundry Soaps. I've been doing mountains of laundry since we got back and your Laundry Soap makes me smile.

Michelle said...

You have such a beautiful home and your decorations are lovely!

MMMM... Apple Balsam... sounds inviting!