Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holiday thrift store find...

Holiday "Cookie Shop" house thrift shop find. Five dollars!
Flexible molds for making holiday soaps will be tucked inside...
I love to thrift shop! I love that you can find things you don't see or "find" anywhere else. I found this darling Holiday "Cookie Shop" house for 5.00. It is sturdy- was in perfect condition- and I plan to give it to my grand daughters during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Instead of cookie mixes and cookies notions- I'm going to pack it will flexible molds, and soapy making things for the girls to make soaps! I'm also going to tuck in some battery twilight lights, so my daughter can light up this little house at night.

Anyone else love to thrift shop?

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Anonymous said...

I definitely love thrift-shopping! It's especially fun to do it with my sister. :)