Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

One January 1st- I turn 54. OH- you may be thinking- darn that's old. Yep it may be. Birthdays never bothered me- so at this point they never will!

So here's 54 things about "me"

  1. Born 1/1/58, Dayton, Ohio on an army base- 2nd baby born the New Year.
  2. Middle child- one sister two years older, one brother three years younger
  3. Married over 35 years
  4. Have three children- One daughter, two sons. AND now one son in-law, two daughter in-laws, two grand girlies
  5. Love animals- have 3 rescue dogs
  6. Loved to entertain when the children were growing up
  7. Cherish my friendships that have lasted from childhood, and my new friends through networking
  8. Impatient. Very.
  9. Go to sleep way too late. Every night
  10. Get up way too early. Every day
  11. Started college many times- loved taking classes
  12. Finished college at 47, B.A. Communications. My oldest grand daughter (age 4 then) attended my graduation at University at Maryland
  13. Worst subjects- math and chemistry- best subjects history, english
  14. Worked at Montgomery College for about 10 years in the HR department- loved the retirees
  15. "Disliked" my sister growing up- tattle tail!
  16. Today my sister is one of my best friends
  17. Always adored my baby brother, still do
  18. Have lots of grand doggies (about 20 dogs total in the whole family)
  19. Worked in theatre for over 10 years
  20. Loved to dance, do choreography
  21. Don't love to cook, but do. Sometimes.
  22. Love to bake
  23. Love to decorate
  24. Love to "re-decorate" 
  25. Love the color sky blue, always have
  26. Winter is my fav month
  27. Christmas is my fav holiday
  28. Never was a big drinker
  29. Likes sweets too much
  30. Having grand children is the best
  31. Favorite food- cake, chocolate
  32. Favorite meal- Thanksgiving dinner
  33. Don't eat red meat since 2nd grade
  34. I had blonde hair, blue eyes- while my sister and brother had dark hair and brown eyes
  35. My parents are still living
  36. Dad is 81 
  37. Mom is 78
  38. I cherish each day I have with mom and dad
  39. My husband's mom died at 52, and father at 65
  40. I miss my husband's mother every day- she was amazing
  41. I am short 5'2"- while my sister is tall
  42. Did I mention impatient? Very. I like things done yesterday
  43. I have great neighbors on the Eastern Shore
  44. I miss my old home town
  45. One day I'd love a boston terrier and call her "Lucy"
  46. I can't sit still long enough to watch a movie- unless I'm doing something crafty at the same time
  47. I own my own biz
  48. I do like watching reality shows- they're short
  49. I'm very proud the way by children have turned out as adults. Very
  50. I never loved my "birth date"
  51. Always had to go to church on the birthday
  52. There were never any stores open on my birthday. Sad
  53. I LOVE LOVE to shop- brick and mortar- on-line too
  54. I am blessed for each year I'm here- after all there are so many people that have not be so fortunate.

Happy New Year to all- I hope this year is better than the last- and everyone has good healthily and happy times!


Michelle said...

Congratulations on all you have and all you'll acquire in the years to come! :)

Happy Birthday! & I hope you have an amazing 2012!

TeresaR said...

Happy 54 years young, Carrie! I simply can't believe you're impatient.

Ditto what Michelle said too!

Anonymous said...

Well, Happy Happy New Year and Happy Happy Birthday to you, Carrie!!!
We have many loves in common. Except I'm turning 60 this summer (60? Can't be!), and I'm tall - but chocolate cake, to bed early, up early, LOVE my family, love brick&mortar and small online shops - all great stuff! :)
Enjoy your day!!!

SoapSudsations said...

Happy belated! That is so cool to find out all those things about you. And like Teresa, I can't believe you're impatient, I think you're probably just very good at multitasking.

Happy 2012!

Lynn Stevens said...

WOW, Happy belated Birthday, Thats alot to list.I had to do 8 one time and it was a struggle!
Happy 2012!
hugs Lynn