Saturday, February 4, 2012

We've been busy with this...

We've been busy with this little gem of a cottage... For the last several months we've been restoring this home. It was easy to fall in love with it, and it will be hard to part with one day.

The cottage is located in an Eastern Shore town, close to the water, superb restaurants, amazing antique and thrift stores, etc. We purchased it because it was 1. the right price, and 2. we were thinking it would be perfect for guests "over load" we tend to have during the warm summer months.

SO with that said, I'll be blogging about the restoration, etc. My husband and I have had lots of fun, many tired nights, remembering things don't always go as expected, and everything takes more money, AND more time than as planned.

Anyone else take on a restoration? We've actually completed several, but this is the first time my husband and I have done this all by ourselves. Usually we've had extra hands of family members, but with everyone so busy in their own lives- we took the challenge ourselves. AND we're glad we did!


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is such a cutie!

I had no idea how Hubby & I would work together when we started building the cottage, but it turned out we made a great team! It's fun to take on something challenging and then stand back and say "Wow! We did this!". :)

With all your experience, I know it will be wonderful!

Happy weekend to you and yours, Carrie!

Jo Alice Mospan said...

It looks simple beautiful; like a postcard. Looking for pictures from the inside.

SoapSudsations said...

What a gorgeous house! I'm in awe that you and your husband tackled it together, my husband & I won't even try to do minor renos together, let alone such a huge undertaking.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

How adorable is that house?? I could eat it up. I bet it'll be even more amazing when you finish!