Saturday, April 7, 2012

Annie Sloan post continued...

A friend's newly finished project using Annie Sloan chalk paint!

Several weeks ago my daughter and I met up with a good friend- who was more than excited to share her (and husband's) first try with Annie Sloan paint. She was able to show us a small picture on her phone, so you'd image how excited I was to see the "final" project as a full size picture!

Here's what they did:
  • Found a china cabinet to re-purpose for their dining room
  • Sanded it down (but said they didn't have to)
  • Painted with Annie Sloan paint
  • Applied the Annie Sloan "wax" to give it the old world look
  • Applied wall paper to the back of the cabinet
  • Volia! One gorgeous piece!
I think their first creation with Annie Sloan paint came out beautiful! I can't wait to try this technique on a piece or two I've been thinking about.

Thanks Tiffany for the picture of your final project! Hugs!


Epicure68 said...

That's beautiful. What is your first project going to be with the Annie Sloan paint?

Under the Willow said...

Hi Monica!

First project? I'm thinking an end table. Someone on FB just let me know she found a recipe for chalk paint (for furniture) SO I'm very interested in hearing about this too.

Thank you for visiting!

TeresaR said...

I've never heard of this paint before but it sounds wonderful! I hate to prime. :) Thanks for telling us about it.

Under the Willow said...

I HATE to prime too- SO that's why I'd love to try this technique!