Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Growing Wisteria...

Wisteria vine- starting it's 2nd year growth...
We like this "little guy" so much our next project is building a Pergola across our back porch. Last year we planted this Wisteria and it grew and blossomed like nothing we've ever seen.

Every night my husband or myself help guide the Wisteria's new growth to another arbor or another placement on it's existing arbor.

Arbor's from Lowes (40 dollars each)...

IF last year is any indication on the amount of growth we'll see this year- the poor little guy needs more "stuff" to grow on.

As our first spring outdoor project we decided to not only help our Wisteria vine, but add some (very needed) shade to our back porch. After going through years of umbrellas to canopies- NOTHING seemed to last a year or full season for that matter- SO we decided to install a Pergalo.

We have helped train the Wisteria to grow to another arbor...

After pricing them we decided this was a project we could easily manage ourselves. The prices we estimated for a Pergola already made was between 1200-3500 for a span of 12 by 15.

Here's our estimated cost breakdown:

  • 13- 2 by 8 by 12 foot @ 9.73 each
  • 4- 2 by 10 by 16 foot @ 15.98 each
  • 4- 4 by 4 by 10 foot @ 12.97 each
  • Paint- 50.00 (white exterior)
  • Misc. nails, etc... 50.00
Estimated cost of our home built Pergola: $342.00

Peek at our back porch last year- right before the Wisteria was added...This year we've replaced the couch cushions, still need to update the shutters AND add our Pergola for the needed shade and a better home for our Wisteria!

Back porch will be getting an updated look in the next several weekends...

AND we'd love for you to visit the Under the Willow
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Content in a Cottage said...

Make sure your structure is very strong. Wisteria can crush 'wimpy' wood once it gets established. Sounds like a fun project!!

Under the Willow said...

Good point! We plan on building a very strong Pergalo.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great project that you'll enjoy for many years. Your home reminds me so much of the one my parents built! :)
Have a great day!

Epicure68 said...

I love your back porch, that is so beautiful already. You are such a talented lady.

TeresaR said...

What a great back porch area! It reminds me of my in-law's home in DE...except that their back area was always shaded. ;)

Love wisterias! Do you go to Longwood Gardens in PA? They have this amazing wisteria area that is worth the price of admission.

Under the Willow said...

Teresa- I've never been to Longwood Gardens in PA. I'll have to google this site and check it out!